Present in the market for many years

About us

FORMOPEX Spółka z o.o. with registered office in Strzelce Opolskie specialises in the production and assembly of steel structures. The company fulfils the objectives and performs business activities under the group of companies of ADAMIETZ Spółka z o.o.. We started operating in April 2010 with a team of 40 experienced employees. Formopex Sp. z o.o. currently employs over 100 employees.

The main business profile of our company is the manufacture of steel structures from carbon steels and their assembly at construction sites. The experience of our personnel and organisation of workshop activities guarantee professional methods of manufacturing steel plate structures and steel sections.

The mission of FORMOPEX Spółka z o.o. is to ensure sustainable operation of the company in the local and European markets through satisfaction of customer expectations, product and service offering in the steel structure industry, provision of a wide range of structural solutions as wells as through continuous extension of our commercial offer and focusing on ensuring high quality of manufactured assortment and services offered.